Planning a vacation with a little romance in it? Good for you! Taking a vacation with your partner is good for you – science says so. Whether you’re dreaming of a romantic getaway for two, or you’re trying to incorporate some grown-up time into the next family vacation, we have some tips to help you plan a romantic vacation you’ll never forget.

Get Off The Beaten Path: Generally speaking, crowds are not romantic. If your idea of romance calls for a little privacy, look for the less-traveled roads in tourist destinations. In New York City, for example, give Times Square a pass and opt for a skyline-view walk along Central Park’s Reservoir, where the biggest crowds will be local runners prepping for the next marathon. In the Florida Keys, save cruise-ship port Key West for a day-trip, and find a quaint beachfront rental in the Middle Keys. Every bustling city and beach town has their quiet side where the locals gather: research those spots for your romantic getaway.

072316 CoupleSelf-Catered Stay: Staying in self-catered accommodations, such as a villa or condo, gives you the opportunity to create a home away from home – heightening the sensation of running away together. Create a private retreat for just the two of you: bring along everything you need for romance, dine privately at your own table, open a bottle of wine on your patio, and leave the world behind. If you’re able to keep your villa reasonably tidy on your own, the vacation home is a wonderful option for a romantic vacation. (If not, consider one that offers periodic housekeeping service!)

Opt for the Family Resort: So your romantic vacation will actually have children involved – no problem! Believe it or not, your best bet is a family resort. Maybe at first glance, an all-inclusive catering to families doesn’t sound like the best idea for a romantic getaway. But if the kids are coming along, you’ll find ample opportunities to keep them busy with children’s activity centers – allowing you to prioritize couple-time while the kids are playing.

Don’t Be Afraid of Clichés: Clichés exist for a reason: they’re true for an overwhelming number of people! Oceanfront resorts, New York City in spring, cozy chairs before a fire in a mountainside ski lodge – all of these things might sound clichéd, but be honest, don’t they sound delightful, too? Some settings just lend themselves to walking hand-in-hand. Pick a destination that appeals to both of you, and has ample opportunity to explore new adventures and old favorites, without worrying about clichés.

072316 Room ServiceIndulge: How you indulge depends on your vacation budget: for some, it might be booking a villa with private butler. For others, it might be hiring an in-room babysitter to watch the kids while you head out for a romantic dinner for two. If the budget allows, book a room or resort just a little higher in category than you usually would. This will automatically make your trip feel more special. Once you’ve arrived, little touches of luxury are often the best ways to set the mood for romance: ordering room service, bringing along a nice bottle of wine (or champagne!), slipping into the hotel’s fluffy white robe, or renting a pool-side cabana for an afternoon of luxurious laziness.

So incorporate a little romance into your next vacation, or go all out and plan a romantic getaway for two that brings you and your partner closer together. A little extra research, and some fine-tuning based on your personal travel styles, will go a long way towards creating your ultimate romantic vacation.

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