It’s always great to bring back a special memento from your Walt Disney World vacation, but sometimes souvenirs can get pricey at the Magic Kingdom. Here’s our guide to inexpensive souvenirs from the Mouse.



Penny Press

Walt Disney World is full of penny press machines that make for perfect souvenirs. Each machine features a few different character designs, so your kids can try to collect their favorites. When you get home, frame them or put them in a collector’s binder. Click the link above for downloadable location guides for each penny press.



Celebration Buttons

No matter what your family is celebrating, Disney has a button for it. Head to Guest Relations at any of the Walt Disney World theme parks and pick up a few buttons for your kids. They’ll love wearing their special button throughout the entire vacation.



Pin Trading

Pins are everywhere at Walt Disney World, and the simplest ones are relatively cheap compared to most Disney souvenirs. In fact, Disney sells pin starter kits which come with lanyards and a few pins for your kids to enjoy. They can even begin trading with employees to grow their vacation collection.



Autograph Books

If your kids love to meet their favorite Disney characters, they’ll need an autograph book to capture signatures. This is a great way for your kids to get unique mementos, and they’ll love looking at all the autographs when you’re back at home.



Tsum Tsums

There are a ton of plush toys at Disney, but they can sometimes be hard to tote around during vacation or pack into the suitcase. Consider buying your child some Tsum Tsums, the adorable little character plush perfect for small kids and babies.



Mickey Ears

You can’t leave Walt Disney World without a pair of Mickey ears! These inexpensive hats come in all sorts of designs, and kids can even get their names printed on the back so everyone knows they’ve got the best souvenir in all of the Magic Kingdom.

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