How did 2017 go?

Did you use all of your vacation days? Did you start a travel fund to help finance your explorations? Did you finally let yourself relax without worrying about the demands of the real world?

If you followed one of our travel resolutions for an amazing 2017, then you may be thinking about what your next new adventure will be in 2018 or how to enhance your relaxation time during future respites.

For all travelers—singles, couples, and families—here are our top 6 travel resolutions for 2018:

1. Make 2018 a year of the “forget me not.”

Memories are one of the best parts about traveling! As new memories form, keep a travel journal to document the highlights, fun times, and little moments that fill your time away. Do you love going to concerts and festivals? Save your ticket stubs for a post-vacation craft.

Tip: Here are some brilliant DIY travel souvenir ideas from the self-proclaimed travelista Annemarie, of Travel on the Brain.

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2. Pick a new travel partner

This year, try going on a weekend getaway with a new travel partner. If you usually travel with your spouse and kids, what about asking your sibling if they would like to go on a trip together with their family? Have you ever traveled with your son or daughter just the two of you? What about your friends? You might discover a new side of your friendship, your partner, and even yourself.

3. Take more candid photos

Nothing captures the moment quite as well as a candid snapshot. The next time you find yourself faced with a Kodak moment, try to resist the urge to gather everyone for a group shot. Stand back for a moment and watch. Snap a few candid photos of your travel partner(s). (You can always go in for the group shot later!)

Tip: Want to capture the pure joy on your child’s face as they splash in the waves? To learn how to take great candid photos of your children, check out these tips from Beach Camera.

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4. Snack healthy

Eating healthier is an annual staple on many 2018 New Year resolution lists. This noble goal often gets sidetracked by unexpected events, busy schedules, and other priorities that tend to grab the front seat of our attention.

The trick to success, especially while traveling, is to start small. Incorporate this resolution into your travel routine by making smarter choices as the opportunities come. One step you can take is simple: choose better snacks.

Need some inspiration? Check out this list of healthy travel snacks from The Budget Minded Traveler. Will you be flying? Jessica of Jessica in the Kitchen recommends these healthy travel snacks for the plane.

5. Enjoy more time together

As entertaining as our phones and TVs can be, too much time in front of a screen can detract from the connection we feel with family members and friends on vacation. The next time you travel, make it a point to find entertainment that engages everyone in the same activity. Have a competitive game of late night Scrabble. Gather your family together for a show. Seek out interactive activities that you can experience in person, then put your phone and tablet down.

Tip: If you plan to stay in accommodations with a kitchen, you can bake a fun destination-themed treat with your kids.

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6. Shake your travel style up

Despite your best attempts at planning, there is no set formula for travel fulfillment or vacation success. Everyone is different. Some travelers strive to fill their itinerary full with activities and sights. Others prefer to keep their eyes and time open to opportunities as they come spontaneously.

If you consider yourself a Planner, then try a weekend away as a Wanderer without set plans to follow once you get to your destination. See how you like the feeling of spontaneous exploration. You might find that there are benefits to the other approach you will want to incorporate into your travel routine.

This approach goes for your accommodations, too. Do you usually opt in for a hotel? Consider exploring resort life on your next trip away.

Every year, we make resolutions to gain something valuable to us that our current activities and daily environments aren’t giving us. Contrary to popular belief, New year resolutions aren’t meant to guilt you into action. Keep that in mind as you set your goals and travel resolutions for the year. We hope you find all the freedom, thrills, and beauty that you are looking for.

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