Have an experience like no other. Catch lesser known sights and interactive experiences within Disney’s Magic Kingdom theme park in Orlando, Florida. These are 12 of our favorite finds and features.




A Pirate’s Adventure – Treasures of the Seven Seas

Location: Adventureland
Objective: Help Captain Jack Sparrow locate hidden treasure before Captain Barbossa finds it.

Watch the hidden corners of Adventureland transform into experiences that you’d otherwise never see. Armies mobilize behind bamboo walls. Skulls come to life and chant clues. Activating these hidden scenes and screens is as much fun as finding them! There are five different gold-seeking trails throughout Adventureland to choose from.

Visit The Crow’s Nest in Adventureland to sign up. There, you will receive a special playing card and a Pirate’s Adventure map. Complete your missions throughout the day or do them all at once. This is a great way to spend time if you are waiting for a FastPass+ in the area or before/after a meal!

Hours: 12pm – 6pm. Games may be stopped and restarted in the same day.

Credit: WDW News Today


Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom

Objective: Help the wizard Merlin keep villians from taking over the Magic Kingdom!

Hunt for animated evildoers by unlocking 20 secret portals hidden within shop windows, signs, and artwork scattered across the park. Play solo or in groups. Once your portal is open, you can receive a free pack of five each day you play. Visit Main Street Firehouse to pick up your first set of cards. There is also an outpost located behind the Ye Olde Christmas Shoppe.

If you play more than once and end up with duplicate cards, you can trade cards with other players while waiting for your turn. Tortuga Tavern is also a great place to meet fellow players.


Bonus points at Lightyear’s Ranger Spin

Help Buzz stop Zurg from stealing batteries from helpless toys before he’s able to power a new weapon of destruction! This interactive ride is set in the world of Toy Story 2. Look for the red robot at the beginning of the ride. Each time you hit it, you’ll score 100,000 points.

Credit: Joe Penniston





Disney’s fake businesses

Location: Main Street U.S.A.

The windows on Main Street reveal an interesting story behind how this iconic theme park came to be.
With a mind to build a new theme park in Orlando, Florida, Walt Disney began buying up land in the area. The way he went about it was very “under the radar.” Expecting that the price of land in Florida would skyrocket once the public caught on to his plan to build his next big theme park there, in 1965, Walt Disney purchased the land under several pseudonyms. True to form, Walt had some fun naming these companies. the names he picked hinted at his plans. Say this out loud: “M.T. Lott Real Estate Investments.”

Late June that same year, the Orlando Sentinel reported that over 27,000 acres had been bought. They couldn’t confirm a buyer, but Orlando Sentinel reporter Emily Bavar had a hunch that Disney was behind the purchase after her trip to Disney’s Burbank offices in Disneyland. Bavar asked Walt if he was behind the purchase. Despite meticulous planning and coordination, Disney’s reaction gave himself away. The Sentinel reporter described that he “looked like I had thrown a bucket of water in his face” before denying the claim. In October 1965, Bavar released her story. After that news broke, the price of land skyrocketed by 1,000%! Disney bought his first acre of land in Florida for Walt Disney World for $80.00. His last acre cost $80,000.00.

Credit: WDW Central


Cinderella’s horse

Location: Prince Charming’s Regal Carousel, Fantasyland

Look around you. Only one horse out of the 90 has a gold ribbon on its tail. Can you find it?

Credit: Cathy Leo, WDW Fan Zone


Disney party line

Location: Main Street U.S.A.

The Chapeau Hat Shop is a small hat shop tucked away in the far right corner of Town Square. Hanging on a nearby wall is an old fashioned, hand-crank telephone. Listen in! What do you hear?

Credit: Pixie Dust Savings


Vocal lessons

Location: Main Street U.S.A.

As you’re heading toward the castle, look for Center Street on your right. Look up and you’ll see windows that advertise private voice and singing lessons. Listen closely and you can hear the vocal lessons taking place.

Credit: Amy Ziese, Theme Park Tourist





Casey’s Corner Pianist

While walking through the hustle and bustle of Main Street USA, take a moment to stop and listen to the Casey’s corner pianist. He plays in 20 minute increments, multiple times throughout the day.


Trade your Disney pins

Location: Main Street U.S.A.

Do you collect Disney pins? Visit the Guest Relations office on Main Street USA and have a look at their trading pin book! They have a huge selection and offer guests 2 trades.

Other places to trade: Town Square Exposition Hall next to Tony’s Town Square has two pin boards. Frontierland Pin Trading Post has a Pin Trading hat and board. Main Street Confectionery has an oven mitt with pins. Sir Mickey’s has a sword and shield with pins. Big Top Store has two popcorn displays with pins.



Cinderella’s hidden crown

Location: Fantasyland

The special fountain near the Castle has a different perspective for adults and for children. At a child’s viewing level, or if an adult kneels, Cinderella appears to be wearing a crown. For an adult, she looks like her image in the movie. Try this and take a look at the photo. Can you spot the crown?

Credit: Thomas Smith, Disney Parks


Tell Peter Pan it’s your birthday

If you see a human character, like Mary Poppins or Tinkerbell, ask them a question about their movie. They will go right into character. Peter Pan is a fun character to engage on this special occasion. It’s no secret that the perpetual kid at heart doesn’t like the idea of growing up. Wear your Birthday button or say “it’s my birthday!” and see what happens.


Blue Fairy Wish Book

Location: Pinocchio Village Haus, Fantasyland
Write down a wish for the Blue Fairy to make true! What will you ask for?

Credit: Disney Ways



Indulge your imagination

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