If you find yourself needing to navigate a rainy day during the vacation that you’ve been looking forward to all year, you have a few choices:

1. Try to salvage what’s left of your Plan A.
2. Retreat. Head indoors.
3. Go with it. (You could have a good story to tell later.)

#3 is easier to do when you plan ahead of time. Here are 7 steps you can take to prepare for this vacation conundrum so the rain won’t ruin your trip.

1. Dress for the occasion

A poncho sounds like a good idea until it tears, bunches up, and flies up over your head every time that the wind catches a good gust. Managing your wardrobe can make it hard to fully immerse yourself in an outdoor experience. If you feel uncomfortable in a bulky poncho, an alternative is to work water-resistant items into the outfit you plan to wear that day.

2. Skip the umbrella. Bring a raincoat.

Umbrellas are bulky, difficult to control in the wind, and you’ll have to use up one of your hands to carry it. Opt for a light raincoat with a hood and pockets. One that is long enough to cover your derriere so you can sit down without getting your pants wet.

3. Wear waterproof shoes (with good tread)

“If your feet get wet, you’ll be miserable. Good, dry shoes with a solid tread will help you walk through a rainy park in comfort,” advises Robert Niles from Theme Park Insider.

4. Wear pants with pockets

Throw a few zip-lock bags in there as a DIY waterproof solution for your phone.

5. Pack snacks with wrappers

If it’s raining out, and local restaurants are packed, then snacks are a good option to tide you over. Some foods, like apples, have a natural cover that won’t absorb the rain if they get wet. If you packed a bagged item, like chips, then use the bag as a wrapper for each bite to avoid reaching into the bag with your wet hands.

6. Bring non prescription fashion sunglasses

This will help keep the rain out of your eyes without blocking your visibility like a hat might. Glasses are also smaller and easier to carry in your pocket. You can find a pair online for under $10. Some drug stores sell these, too. If all you can find in the moment are sunglasses, and you notice people staring, it’s because you look fabulous.

7. Carry a pair of arm warmers

If you have a backpack with you, then packing an extra top layer is a smart idea. It’ll help warm you up if the temperature cools. If you need a solution that’s more portable and easier to put on quickly without needing to take off the rest of your gear, arm warmers are a great alternative. If the weather happens to surprise you at Wizarding World of Harry Potter, Casie Shimansky Of Orlando Informer found an advantage:

“Since the queue for Ollivander’s in Hogsmeade is completely outdoors with no cover, guests are much less inclined to enter it during a rainfall. This is your chance to get in line and get inside without much of a wait at all!”

After checking the weather forecast and seeing clear skies, you may feel confident that a rainy day won’t figure in to your vacation plans. Prepare for the unexpected now, as you are building your ideas together, and you’ll be ready to fully embrace whatever Mother Nature has in store for you.