At Summer Bay Orlando by Exploria Resorts, we decided it was time to go beyond the regular resort amenities. Sure, we have all your favorites: the pools, the boating, the tennis courts, the beach volleyball court, the mini golf course — but we wanted something really exciting. Something adventurous. Something that fits your favorite family resort in Orlando. That something became Buccaneer Bay Adventure Park at Summer Bay Orlando, and it’s a blast for all ages!

If you’ve never stayed at a resort with its own zip line or bumper boats pond, we have to show you what you’ve been missing! We have five ways you can have a blast at Buccaneer Bay Adventure Park, part of Summer Bay Orlando:

  1. Fly across a lake on a zip line!

Go airborne and get a thrill as you soar over the Buccaneer Bay lagoon. This hundred-foot-long zip line is a perfect choice for first-timers, and lots of fun for more advanced thrill-seekers.

Getting ready to zip line across the lake at Buccaneer Bay Adventure Park at Summer Bay Resort

Getting ready to zip line across the lake at Buccaneer Bay Adventure Park.

  1. Challenge your friends to the top of the mountain!

What awaits at the top of Skull Mountain? Bragging rights, mostly, along with a great view from the top. This multi-sided rock-climbing experience gives everyone a chance to test their skills and race to the top. Is there a mountain-climber inside of you?

Rock Climbing wall at Buccaneer Bay Adventure Park at Summer Bay Orlando. Summer Bay Resort

Challenge the rock-climbing wall (and your friends) to reach the top of Skull Mountain first!

  1. Bounce and flip through the air!

The extreme in-line jumper is a unique experience which gives everyone the chance to soar through the air like a trapeze artist. With a bouncy inflatable cushion to give lift to your leaps, and a helpful harness to let you get creative without getting into trouble, you can pretend you’re soaring over Neverland with the help of a little pixie dust.

Jump through the air at Buccaneer Bay Adventure Park, Summer Bay Orlando. Summer Bay Resort.

Jump through the air on the in-line jumper!

  1. Take the pirate’s plunge!

No, we’re not going to make you walk the plank — but we do have a high slide which will get you from the top mast of your ship to the ground in a hurry.

  1. Board a bumper boat!

No buccaneer experience would be complete without taking command of a pirate vessel. At Buccaneer Bay Adventure Park, you can climb aboard your own bumper boat, complete with water cannon, and engage in some good old-fashioned pirate battles. Make sure you save this one for last, because you’re going to get wet!

Bumper boats await at Buccaneer Bay Adventure Park at Summer Bay Orlando. Summer Bay Resort. Orlando Florida.

Your bumper boat battle awaits in Buccaneer Bay!

The adventures at Buccaneer Bay don’t stop here–you’ll also find fun pirate parties and sometimes even surprises, like our Mannequin Challenge event which was live-streamed on Facebook here!

Beyond Buccaneer Bay, you’ll find more adventure around Summer Bay Orlando. Rocky Falls Miniature Golf is perfect for family fun, plus you can make a splash on sunny Florida afternoons at the Lakeside Marina and Aqua Park, complete with fun inflatable slides and obstacles right in the water! 
For more information on these recreation amenities, visit our Summer Bay Orlando page under the Destinations tab and download the current Resort Information Guide.

Summer Bay Orlando

Summer Bay Orlando

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