Vacation planning can be stressful, and keeping everyone in the family happy can sometimes be difficult. Summer Bay Orlando by Exploria Resorts is full of activities for the whole family, and we’re here to offer helpful tips to make your next family vacation fabulous!



Make a $$ Game Plan

Figure out your financials before you go. Summer Bay Orlando is just down the street from three of the largest, most popular theme parks in the nation. If you’ve decided to visit, make sure you have a game plan ready when it comes to how much you want to spend since theme park snacks and souvenirs can be expensive. Spend some time online looking at restaurant prices. This way, the bill at the end of the day won’t be too much of a surprise.



Book a House

Each family member wants to have enough room to really enjoy the vacation, and Club Exploria members have exclusive access to houses that allow them to maximize space. Instead of being spread across multiple hotel rooms, houses encourage staying and relaxing in one place longer as they offer amenities which make vacationing easier. Full kitchens provide the opportunity to prepare and enjoy a few meals at home, and the open floor plans ensure no one feels cramped. Bonus: each house features a private swimming pool!



Don’t Travel in a Pack

Don’t be afraid to split into smaller groups when you arrive at your destination. Summer Bay Orlando has a full 400 acres of activities for the entire family, so let the older kids explore Buccaneer Bay Adventure Park while you relax by the main pool with drink in hand.



Have Family Lunches, Not Dinners

Lunches typically happen in the middle of the day when kids (and parents) are wide awake. By dinner time, the family is ready to wind down for the day and many members are tired from all the fun. Lunches tend to be cheaper as well, especially when it comes to theme park food. A great casual lunch can be had at Big Kahuna’s Bar & Grill, or grab slices of pizza over at Loretta’s Trattoria.



Create a Family Hashtag

Social media is a major part of our culture, and your family will love the idea of having a hashtag to tack onto Facebook and Instagram status updates. Make it clever and unique, and ensure each family member has a chance to voice their input and feel involved. Plus, when you do decide to break into smaller groups, a hashtag is a great way to keep tabs on what the family is up to.



Say Yes

Try saying yes a little bit more than no. At home there’s a lot of no, but you’re on vacation! The best way to make lasting memories is by taking the chance to do a thrilling activity or springing just a bit for that fancier dining experience. Ever been jet skiing? Try it on the 64-acre private lake at Summer Bay Orlando!



Plan Some Romance

Couples can definitely have a bit of romance on vacation, even if the entire family has come along. Spending some time by the pool is fun, and Summer Bay Orlando is close to many different restaurants that offer a romantic atmosphere. Make sure the kids stay with Grandma and Grandpa while you and your significant other have a few hours to yourselves.



Pack a Surprise

The family’s favorite board game or even water balloons are always some of the best ways to bring everyone together for fun!


Reserve your next family vacation at Summer Bay Orlando by Exploria Resorts, where villa and condo accommodations are available for booking. Hotel accommodations can also be reserved at Crown Club Inn Orlando by Exploria Resorts. Visit our Destinations tab at the top of this page for more information.